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A community for Tron Legacy and other Tron media
+++:++:+: WELCOME TO THE GRID :+:++:+++

This community was originally created to celebrate the release of Tron Legacy and serve a place for all related media to be posted. Since then, we have evolved to include all other aspects of the Tron universe, from the first Tron movie until now. We also wanted to create a Tron community that focused on the actors a little more than some of the other sites do. Special effects and plot are great, but a movie stands on the shoulders of its actors. We happily cover just about any topic related to Tron, including fanfiction and other fan-created creative works.

Board Rules

1. Respect your fellow members. Any rudeness, flaming and purposeful antagonizing of other board members will not be tolerated. Also, any posts/comments that disparage race, religion, or sexual preference will not be tolerated.

2. Please try to tag your entries.

3. Any graphics/fanart/fanfiction that is posted must belong to you or you must have permission from the person who made them.

4. Please include the source with any information/pictures you post.

5. Enthusiasm for the professional lives of the Tron actors is great, but please be respectful of their private lives and of the actors themselves.

Tagging Your Entries

For a comm this large, tags are an excellent way to organize all the great stuff we post so that we can find specific things when we want or need to. We do have separate tags for stuff that's fan-created and stuff that can be considered official/promotional/etc - for example, there is a tag for "videos" and a tag for "fan videos". The "fan videos" tag would be used for any fan-made videos such as music videos using Tron footage, etc. "Videos" would be for stuff like YouTube links to interviews with the actors, etc. Also the "promotion" tag is meant for things that promote any movies/games/manga/etc of the Tron franchise, but Tron-related fan sites that you want to advertise should be tagged with "site promotion".

Regarding fanfiction tags, we've tried to give you guys a good number of options while keeping in mind we already have a lot of tags for this comm so we can't start creating tags for every author or fic. We do have tags for the main characters, the more popular pairings and the particular movie that the fic is is set in. It's up to you how specific you want to tag your fic, but we do ask that at the very least you use the "fan fiction" tag, which is also an acceptable tag for any fics that aren't covered by the more specific tags.

If there are any questions or confusion over posting and/or using tags, please feel free to ask for clarification :)



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