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05 January 2011 @ 08:23 pm
Legacy Comics?  
I found out that there are comics based on Legacy but I can't find any decent info on them. Help?

What are they called? How many pages/volumes are there? Who is the author/artist?
X-Ray Comics: Tron2.0xray_studios on January 5th, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
Tron: Ghost in the Machine followed the events of Tron 2.0, and took place in an in-story false reality. The unofficial tagline for the comic was Flynn's quote: "This isn't happening it only thinks it's happening".

Spoilers follow:

The gist is that a program that thinks it's a User (made from a backup copy of a User) is part of an experiment to create a program that can be transitioned from the digital reality to our own world. That is to say, uplifted to live amongst the Gods. The experiment is a failure.

This was written before Tron: Legacy, and follows a different set of characters. But as the writer I would say this: There is no reason to consider this story non-canonical. It takes place on a separate system operating under an entirely different set of rules. There are no actual Users identified and nothing I am aware of that contradicts the new film. This requires a retcon of the 2.0 game to have transpired as a false reality as well, but that was one of the points of the comic in the first place. To call question to the previous reality and make both the game and the comic fit into any new material that might surface, rather than lock the future of Tron in what definitive direction. I didn't feel that anyone other than Lisberger should have that right.

Of course, everyone is free to take and leave what they want from these different works of fiction. But from my perspective, the 2.0 and Ghost in the Material is canon. It simply takes place on an entirely different computer in a completely artificial reality.

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