Tron, Tron: Legacy and Sam

Fic: Someone Has to Draw First Blood (Sam/Tron, Explicit)

Someone Has to Draw First Blood
Author: dreamlittleyo
Fandom/Pairing: Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn/Tron
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 42,000
Summary: What if "Legacy" were not Sam Flynn's first visit to the Grid?

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Not going to bet the farm on this one but check out the IMDB Page

So now that Joseph Kozinski has basically all but 100% confirmed the THIRD TRON MOVIE! We get to see the tentative cast list for the movie. I think a few things are suspect (such as Zed showing up), but it makes me think more and more that we might actually get this third movie at some point!

I am totally excited, though I really don't want to get my hopes up.

What do you think? Could this be for real?
Intense biking

We won!

Congratulations to Alberto Mielgo and Robert Valley for their wins at the Annie Awards last night. Way to go guys!!

Details below:

Character Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production
Robert Valley ‘Disney Tron: Uprising: The Renegade, Part I’ – Disney TV Animation

Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production
Alberto Mielgo ‘Tron: Uprising: The Stranger’ – Disney TV Animation

Tron Uprising Annie Award Nominations

Greetings Programs!  Good news!  Tron Uprising has been nominated for four Annie Awards

Best Animated Special Production (for Beck's Beginning)
Production Design in a Television Production: Alberto Mielgo (for The Stranger)
Character Design in a Television Production: Robert Valley (for The Renegade Part 1)
Storyboarding in a Television Production: Kalvin Lee and Robert Valley (for The Reward)

The awards will be given on Saturday February 4th!

Good luck to everyone involved!